Cheap Holidays in Corsica

Corsica is ideal for the summer holidays. Between sun, sea, and mountains, Corsica has something for everyone.

When to go?

Between June and September, temperatures on the beautiful isle range between 27° et 30° Celcius, so you can be sure to have good swimming!

For how long?

We recommend taking at least a week to fully appreciate the island, and given that Corsica measures more than 8,000 km2 and offers such a diverse landscape, it merits even more!


How to get to the island?

If you’re going by plane, Ajaccio is the largest airport, while Calvi services the north of the island, and Figari the south. If you’re looking to explore more on your own and want to take a car, frequent ferry trips leave from a number of French ports, including Nice, Livourne, and Toulon.

How much should you budget?

Transportation: Flight prices vary, but the earlier you reserve them, the better. The ferry costs between 80€ and 100€ per person.

Lodgings: Given that Corsica is a popular destination with European holiday-makers, accommodation can quickly become expensive. For a week in August in a 3-star residence, budget at least 900€. Nevertheless, it’s possible to stay for much less with home exchange.

How to travel for less in July and August?

You can reduce your holiday budget by being hosted for free! With home exchange, you go to someone’s home and your host comes to yours. This practice was born in the 1950s, and has since been revolutionized by the internet. Sites such as GuesttoGuest allow users to more easily organise their summer vacation for free.

How to find free accommodation with GuesttoGuest?

To find a place to stay in Corsica with GuesttoGuest this summer, all you need to do is create a profile and start contacting hosts!

Two types of exchanges are possible with GuesttoGuest:


Reciprocal exchange: You are hosted by the same person who stays at your home.


Non-reciprocal exchange: You host someone in exchange for GuestPoints, and use these points to travel somewhere else (such as Corsica!)

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What to do & see in Corsica?

For a holiday by the sea:

  • The most well-known beaches in Corsica are in the south: Palombaggia beach, Balistra beach (not far from Porto Vecchio), Cupabia beach…
  • To the north, the best beaches are Padulone beach, near l’étang del Salé, towards Bastia, and Talasani beach. The most natural beach is that of Pinia, bordering the forest in Haute Corse.
  • Scandola Natural Reserve is also known for its wild and striking landscapes. A trip by boat lets you discover the best of the area.
  • Finally, the Lavezzi Islands are known for their beautiful clear waters for bathing and snorkelling.

For a holiday in the mountains:Corse maisons echange été

  • For good family hikes, the centre of the island is the place to be. Melo Lake in the Restonica Valley also makes for a fun destination.
  • Tavigano River is reputed for the beauty of its waterfalls. Hikers can reward themselves with a bathe in the cool water on a hot day.
  • A hike through Tavignano Valley to Nino Lake is a good pretext to visit Corto and the citadelle.

Our homes in Corsica

More than 500 homes are available for exchange in Corsica through GuesttoGuest. Among them, the homes of Marina and Gilberte.

corse vacances ete maison ajaccio

Gilberte’s home is located in Pigna in High Corse in the middle of a lush vegetable garden. It benefits from the calm of the countryside as well as easy access to beaches such as Algajola, Ghjunchitu, and Bodri.

corse maison piscine vacances été

Marina’s home, also in Haute Corse, but on the coast, has an incredible pool with a view of the sea.

To stay with these or other GuesttoGuest hosts: sign up, complete your profile, and search “Corsica”! You’ll find all our available homes on the beautiful isle, then you can refine your search using filters, and we recommend you contact at least ten hosts.

Our Homes in Corsica

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