How to stay in Paris on a budget

A holiday in Paris can quickly become expensive. Fear not! There is a solution to reduce the cost of accommodation: home exchange.

How can home exchange save you expense?

Home exchange, a decades-long practice, has allowed thousands of families, couples, and retirees to enjoy their destination in new and authentic ways. With a variety of websites joining the home exchange network, it is now possible to find homes and apartments for exchange in every corner of Paris.

More than 19,000 homes and apartments are available for exchange in Paris.

There exist as many different systems of home exchange as there are different home exchange sites. Some sites require subscription fees, or fees to create a profile and send requests which amount to several hundreds of euros per year. However, GuestToGuest stands out by allowing its members to create an account and send messages for free. The only paid services are the optional security services of verification, the deposit, and insurance, which protect the guest during their stay and the host’s home.

GuestToGuest homes in Paris

How to exchange your home with a Parisian?

To exchange your home with someone living in Paris, simply sign up on You will be prompted to fill in information about your home, to encourage other members to exchange with you: paris

  • Your home: beds available, bathrooms, is it suitable for couples, seniors, families, kitchen equipment, garden, etc.
  • What your guest will love about your neighborhood: nearby activities, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc.

You will then publish your profile and complete your calendar to indicate when your home is available for exchange.

Now it’s time to contact other members to propose an exchange:

  • Reciprocal exchanges: when you stay in another member’s home while they stay at yours at the same time or a later date.

    An exchange is reciprocal when you stay in the home of the person who will stay in yours.
  • Non-reciprocal exchanges: with this method you can exchange a number of “GuestPoints”, a unique concept to GuestToGuest, per night you stay in your host’s home. In this way, don’t need to host the people who host you, but they can use these points to stay elsewhere on the site, and the exchange is more flexible.
An exchange is non-reciprocal when someone is hosted in exchange for GuestPoints.

What neighborhoods in Paris have homes for exchange?

  • To find low-cost accommodation in the heart of Paris, home exchange is available in over 12,000 apartments in the city-center.
This apartment is located within walking distance of the Sacré Coeur and is available for home exchange.

Céline offers her apartment in Montmartre for exchange. Since signing up she has already completed nine exchanges. “My apartment is not only located in a quiet and calm neighborhood, it is also 20 minutes from the center of Paris,” explains Céline, a GuestToGuest host. Marie, one of Céline’s guests, appreciated her hospitality: “Our stay was very enjoyable. Céline was so attentive as a host and we absolutely reccommend a stay in her home!”

Our apartments in Paris

  • Looking for a holiday that is closer to nature or perhaps a space to park your car? Discover our homes in Île-de-France (Greater Parisian Region) that will allow you to enjoy the countryside while taking day trips to the city or perhaps to Disneyland Paris!
François’ home in Île-de-France is available for exchange.

François is also a host on GuestToGuest: his home is situated in the charming Seine-et-Marne area. Between an antique interior, its location on the edge of a lake, and horses, this home has no shortage of advantages. It’s no surprise that François has completed five exchanges! François’ guests explain,”The home is lovely and the garden is an absolute delight”. Many homes like this are available for exchange on GuestToGuest. Sign up and contact members to propose an exchange.

Our homes in Île-de-France

By signing up and completing a profile on GuestToGuest you’ll receive 750 GuestPoints towards your first home exchange. Thanks to this new system of travel you can go anywhere in the world on a budget.

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